Anamorphic Cups & Saucers

Here’s a very cool thing you can find at The Barn Owl Gallery down at the Tithebarn Workshops.  Sotos developed a range of extremely high quality Anamorphic items, including cups and saucers and trays with jugs.

“Anamorphose” is from the Greek ana, meaning “back” or “again”, and morphe, meaning “form”. It refers to a distorted image that only appears normal when viewed with or reflected from a special device. The most common of these devices is the anamorphic cylinder, which typically consists of a cylinder with a highly reflective surface, placed in the center of painting that is lying face-up. Such curiosities first appeared in the 1600s, and became popular throughout Europe in the 18th century…

anamorphic jug and tray anamorphic cup and saucer


The photos really don’t do these products justice so we would recommend a visit down here to have a look for yourself.


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