The Hens Orchard

If you notice some major goings on in the Barton Farm area this afternoon, it will be members of the Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust planting the new Hens Orchard.  This orchard is being planted by the Trust in celebration of its 50th Anniversary and in honour of its two founders who were affectionately known as the Hens.  It is a Community Orchard which means that its fruits when they arrive belong to the Community of Bradford…

the hens orchard barton farm, bradford on avon


The Trust have asked us to say they are grateful for the support of Climate Friendly Bradford, the Wiltshire Garden Trust and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for their help in planning the orchard.  Let’s hope that in the years to come, it brings down many visitors to our adjacent Workshops.


Elizabeth Stephenson

Elizabeth Stephenson d. April 1st 1993

Katherine MacKean

Katherine MacKean d. April 3rd 1996



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