Good for the Town?

Normally, on this Blog, we try to concentrate on good news and bringing you information about the goings on at the Tithebarn Workshops.  However, this week has brought us to the point where we felt we had to bring something less positive to you.

The Tithebarn Workshop residence have always been very proactive when it comes to promoting our area and Bradford on Avon Town as a whole, but we feel rather betrayed by the the decision to allow Company Television TWP Ltd to film in the Tithe Barn this week.  It meant the total occupation of the Barton Farm area by film crews, including not just the Council car park, but also the private spaces reserved for our customers.  Indeed, prospective customers were being turned away at the top of Pound Lane, and told there was no parking available.  This meant that on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd, the public had virtually no access to Barton Farm and our shops, resulting in a dramatic drop in visitors and takings for those two days.

While it is great that Bradford’s jewels are being recognised and utilised in this way, we feel it should not be the case that local businesses suffer losses in trade and income during these times.

In future, it would be nice to think that a period of discussion could take place with local business owners to ensure that this situation does not arise again.

Okay… rant over… soap box put away… we really hope that people will now come back to Barton Farm and the Tithebarn Workshops and enjoy the delights of this beautiful area.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

tithebarn workshops


One thought on “Good for the Town?

  1. When filming has taken place in places like Lacock and Corsham etc, local businesses and residents who maybe affected are compensated with a standard payment per day, was this option not negotiated? Plus they are informed in advance of dates and times of disruption.

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