George & Mildred return!

For those who have followed the Tithebarn Workshops blog over the years you’ll remember our resident ducks, George and Mildred, who come to visit at this time of year…


Last year they failed to put in an appearance, but they’re back today and enjoying a hearty breakfast of bird seed all washed down with water from the dog bowls!  Surely this is a sign that summer is well on its way?!


New Member of the Tithebarn Workshops

We just had to share this with you… hiding away in the foliage, on the wall surrounding the Workshops we found this…



Regular followers of our blog may remember the visits of George and Mildred, the pair of ducks that used to arrive every year and stay for bread and chats!   I guess it would be a stretch to think that this is Mildred but… who knows!

Anyway… it’s very sweet and we’re going to have to watch carefully for the new arrivals and arrange some traffic control to make sure they make it down to the River without incident!

George & Mildred

Despite the fact that the temperature has barely got over freezing for the last week, it is nice to see that some signs of Spring are still coming… George and Mildred are back for the fourth year running!

Our resident ducks

George & Mildred

We will have to start getting some more food in for them.

I have to say it was nice to get some customers in the shop as it has been a bit quiet recently!

Welcome back G & M.