Doris does some damage…

While I was sunning myself in Gran Canaria storm Doris was doing her worst in the garden at the Tithebarn Workshops.  Luckily it was only one of the larger branches of our glorious cherry trees and it didn’t fall towards the galleries, so things could have been a lot worse…

storm doris, tithebarn workshops

On the plus side, all the spring flowers are now coming into bloom and the garden is starting to look it’s best again.

We hope to see you all down here soon.

High or Dry!

There seems to be no happy medium with the good old Avon these days!  This picture was taken by the Packhorse Bridge just behind the Tithebarn Workshops this morning…


Whether they need to open the gates a bit more upstream, the lack of rain, or global warming, we at the Workshops would rather have it dry than high thank you very much!

English Civil War Society


We know… it’s been far too long since our last post!  A poor excuse, but it has been very busy down here at the Tithebarn Workshops recently.

However, things are set to become even more hectic with the arrival of around 500 members of the English Civil War Society, for the biggest event in their history, here in Bradford on Avon next weekend (30th – 31st July).  There are also expected to be over 7000 visitors to watch and enjoy the festivities as well.

Events will be taking place all around the Workshops with a full program in Barton Farm, Victory Field and other areas in Town.

So who ever your money is on to come out on top in the battles… why not pop in and see us for a cup of tea and some retail therapy?!

A Grand Day Out!

The Tithebarn Workshops team took their stand at the Bradford on Avon Street Market in Westbury Gardens yesterday, and a good time was had by all!…

We were slightly surprised and maybe even a little hurt to discover just how many local people hadn’t been down to the Workshops before, but it did mean that we were right to attend and spread the word!  We would like to apologise to the poor lady who was given quite a hard time for never having heard of us despite living in Bradford all her life… even her husband joined in on the good natured ribbing!

We gave out plenty of leaflets and free keyrings and prospective customers were also able to enjoy a complimentary scone with fresh cream and jam, courtesy of Mel & Terry at All Things Nice, our tearooms.

A big thank you to John Cox and all his team for their excellent organisation at this annual event… we had a grand day out and hope to see all our new customers very soon!

Good for the Town?

Normally, on this Blog, we try to concentrate on good news and bringing you information about the goings on at the Tithebarn Workshops.  However, this week has brought us to the point where we felt we had to bring something less positive to you.

The Tithebarn Workshop residence have always been very proactive when it comes to promoting our area and Bradford on Avon Town as a whole, but we feel rather betrayed by the the decision to allow Company Television TWP Ltd to film in the Tithe Barn this week.  It meant the total occupation of the Barton Farm area by film crews, including not just the Council car park, but also the private spaces reserved for our customers.  Indeed, prospective customers were being turned away at the top of Pound Lane, and told there was no parking available.  This meant that on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd, the public had virtually no access to Barton Farm and our shops, resulting in a dramatic drop in visitors and takings for those two days.

While it is great that Bradford’s jewels are being recognised and utilised in this way, we feel it should not be the case that local businesses suffer losses in trade and income during these times.

In future, it would be nice to think that a period of discussion could take place with local business owners to ensure that this situation does not arise again.

Okay… rant over… soap box put away… we really hope that people will now come back to Barton Farm and the Tithebarn Workshops and enjoy the delights of this beautiful area.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

tithebarn workshops


OK… we know… it’s a blatant attempt to use key words to drive more traffic to our Blog and website, but in this instance BGT stands for Blooming Gorgeous Tithebarn and has no relevance to the fact that the Britain’s Got Talent final is on tonight!  Anyway, if we really wanted to use buzz words, we would say things like ‘cute kitten’ and ‘puppy does tricks’!!…

tithebarn-workshops gardens bradford-on-avon

The beautiful garden at the Tithebarn Workshops is just coming into all it’s glory… who needs the Chelsea Flower Show when you have this on your door step?!

Come down and enjoy the lovely surroundings, have a cream tea and browse the unique shops this Bank Holiday.

New Designer Clothing

SerenArts Gallery have just taken delivery of a fabulous new stock of their designer clothing range, including some beautiful silk and linen pieces in summer designs.


Due to the ever increasing demand for their designer clothing collection, SerenArts have dedicated additional display space in the gallery and are now able to offer a more comprehensive selection of pieces.

If you would like any more information please contact them at any time or why not pop down for a browse… new stock is arriving all the time!