Romeo & Juliet in the Tithe Barn

Romeo & Juliet in the Tithe Barn, Bradford on Avon

The Bradfordians will be putting on a performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet at the Tithe Barn, Bradford on Avon from Wednesday 28th June to Saturday 1st July.

What a perfect setting for this play and we hope to see the crowds down here next week. Maybe pop down a little earlier and have a little browse around the Tithebarn Workshops?

Tickets can be obtained via the Bradfordian’s website.

We would like to wish all those involved all the best…. break a leg!


Good for the Town?

Normally, on this Blog, we try to concentrate on good news and bringing you information about the goings on at the Tithebarn Workshops.  However, this week has brought us to the point where we felt we had to bring something less positive to you.

The Tithebarn Workshop residence have always been very proactive when it comes to promoting our area and Bradford on Avon Town as a whole, but we feel rather betrayed by the the decision to allow Company Television TWP Ltd to film in the Tithe Barn this week.  It meant the total occupation of the Barton Farm area by film crews, including not just the Council car park, but also the private spaces reserved for our customers.  Indeed, prospective customers were being turned away at the top of Pound Lane, and told there was no parking available.  This meant that on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd, the public had virtually no access to Barton Farm and our shops, resulting in a dramatic drop in visitors and takings for those two days.

While it is great that Bradford’s jewels are being recognised and utilised in this way, we feel it should not be the case that local businesses suffer losses in trade and income during these times.

In future, it would be nice to think that a period of discussion could take place with local business owners to ensure that this situation does not arise again.

Okay… rant over… soap box put away… we really hope that people will now come back to Barton Farm and the Tithebarn Workshops and enjoy the delights of this beautiful area.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

tithebarn workshops

Wolf Hall filming at Tithe Barn, Bradford on Avon

The BBC’s latest big drama will be an adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s book Wolf Hall.

The big news is that they will be filming some of the scenes down here at the Tithe Barn and Barton Farm area, so all the big stars, including Damien Lewis, will be down and surely wanting to do some shopping at the Workshops!

Filming will take place on Monday 30th June and the show will go to air next year.

wolf hall filming at the tithebarn


We have been asked to print a poster to try and set peoples minds at rest over the work being done on The Granary in the grounds of the Tithe Barn.  We have also had a number of customers at the Tithebarn Workshops who have complained about the use of breeze blocks on such an old building.  Well…. here is your answer….

Tithe Barn Granary Extension

‘Snakes on a Lawn’!

A great day was had by all on the hottest day of the year… so far.  Four fantastic performances of Noyes Fludde in the Tithe Barn and everyone enjoying the weather and the stands in the garden at the Workshops.

Terry from the tearooms decided he wanted to get up close and personal with one of the larger snakes which were brought by the Swindon Reptile Rescue Centre and they then let one of them have a slither round the garden.  Not something you see down here every day!…

Snakes from the Swindon Reptile Rescue Centre at the Tithebarn Workshops in Bradford on Avon

Wearing a snake

Snakes from the Swindon Reptile Rescue Centre at the Tithebarn Workshops in Bradford on Avon

Up close and personal!

Snakes from the Swindon Reptile Rescue Centre at the Tithebarn Workshops in Bradford on Avon

Looking round the garden!

Next big event in the garden here will be the Bradford on Avon Fringe Festival in the first week of September 2013… we’ll keep you up to date with what’s on nearer the time.

Ready for the Flood!

Here is the very impressive interior of the Tithe Barn in Bradford on Avon, just about ready for the Barnstorm production of Noyes Fludde…

The interior of the Tithe Barn Bradford on Avon

On Tap!

The interior of the Tithe Barn Bradford on Avon

The interior of the Tithe Barn Bradford on Avon

The interior of the Tithe Barn Bradford on Avon

Ready for Noyes Fludde

This should be an amazing event next weekend.  There will be lots going on over the weekend at the Barton Farm Country Park and the Tithebarn Workshops.  So why not come along and join in…

There is a sense of irony about the Flood title of the concert that certainly isn’t lost on us down here at the Workshops…

Floods at the Tithebarn Workshops

Our Fludde!