Barking Mad!


Well, we had a whole raft of wood related puns lined up for why the kids park was closed behind us here at the Tithebarn Workshops.  And now, this morning, a large Council truck load of wood chips arrived to sort the problem out!

Apparently, there was not enough coverage of bark should anyone fall off the swings etc. As you can imagine there’s been quite a bit of… ‘It wasn’t like that it my day’ being muttered around here!

Anyway, things are all good again and we won’t be losing any business now due to the closure… see you soon.

You Cannot Be Serious!!

As the rain started to pitter patter down this morning, we jokingly said… “Ahh…. the garden needs it”….

tithebarn workshops flood july 2014

Well… this wasn’t quite what we had in mind!

Now far be in from me to have a moan, but could Wiltshire Council, or whoever is responsible, please do something about the drains on Frome Road, to stop all the run off water coming down Pound Lane and straight into our garden please.

We’ve got more rain forecast shortly and have all got our collective fingers crossed that it goes down enough before the next lot arrives.  Otherwise it’s Christmas Eve all over again.